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Retreat Camp


Kumili, Kerala

A special program is designed to incorporate human reset, wherein the user is restricted with electronic communication and limited to electrical usage.

Spatial layout, the location and the design principle behind the small self-sustaining module encourages human communication.

The design for the 2 acres space with poultry, plantation and habitable space was inspired from space and elements from nature.

9 modules of the masterplan was inspired from the 9 planets of the space and the entire site is the repetition of pentagons in a regular manner inspired from the elements of nature creating an impact to the habitants.

The challenge was to complete the project with all basic amenities and sanitation at an extremely cost effective budget still achieving the soulfulness of the design brief.


To design a cost effective Retreat Camp that has all basic amenities for the guest. A place of human reset, designed to have an impact on the mind of the user to distress and give an experience of harmony with nature.

Completely isolated from the use of communication and very limited use of electricity this small campus of restricted entry is a sustainable module by itself. (In order to promote interaction and gratitude towards nature).

The 5 sided module emphasising elements of nature and 9 grid module emphasising space, the masterpiece and design to accommodate principles close to space.

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