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The existing KLIMT'S PARK named after Klimt at Baumberg has been chosen as the site and worked out on a masterplan housing and URBAN INSERT + ARTIST EXPERIENCE HOUSE as a fitting tribute to Klimt.

EXPRESSION:  KLIMT'S art celebrated the woman's beauty, her love, her Fluidity, the Erotica, and the serenity of elements of simple geometry, the flowing curves and rigid forms sharing space with it.

PRESENTATION: Klimt's art on canvas depicted the idea woven into a fluid art, sharing space at specific segments with rigid geometric motifs & cautiously created subject less space on the canvas which was still paid intricate attention with texture and motifs.

DESIGN: It is planned to create an experience zone expressing Klimt's art and treating the site - masterplan as a canvas balancing its spaces, forms, and motifs creating functional value to the representation.

ARCHITECTURE: Taking the liberty of choosing the favourite of Klimt's work, the concept of the WOMAN expressed by flowing curves, was taken instrumental in designing the layout of the master plan, inspired by other motifs of the beautiful EYE, Spiral,

Geometric squares and ellipses, the collage of these components woven around a fluid sketch create the master plan.

Later, the masterplan is treated with fitting functional aspects that would serve the users as a useful urban space.

Not only would the layout remind the characteristics of Klimt's art but also create a preparatory ambiance whilst moving into the site and make the visitor all ready for the magnificent experience of viewing Klimt's work inside the house.


A house for the Master Artist had to not just replicate a space of living but at a life, his contribution to art, his belief and best of all his SOUL.

Gustav Klimt's soul lies in the expression of his belief.

His art that expressed feminine nature, love, Fluidity, Erotica, geometry and with every attribute its association to human nature and the importance of understanding life.

Thus, it was found suitable to create an entire walk into a mood of Klimt's work and finally into the house that would display replicas of all of Klimt's work.

Klimt is undoubtedly the pride of his hometown and thus, the most fitting location for this beautiful Art experience zone has been chosen as BAUMBERG.

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